First plane is almost done!

Factory Living

I was pretty excited to write in excruciating detail about what life has been like living in a factory and building airplanes.  Early in the writing process, I figured I’d do some research to prove how cool this is.  I started off by Googling:  “famous people who have lived in factories,” but this came up with nothing.  I tried a few others, also with no luck, such as:  “extremely high quality people who have lived in factories,” “great people who have lived in factories,” “decent people who have lived in factories,” and “people who have lived in factories and have not had negative effect on the world.”  Finally I got an interesting result when I cut my search down to “live in a factory.” The fourth hit was a forum question entitled “Is it legal to live in a factory?” to which the answer was “No, its not legal. [sic]” (Source)  Apparently it is illegal to live in a factory in Australia.  After some more extensive research, apparently it’s also not legal to live in a factory in a lot of places, including in the US.  This was bad news.

If I’ve learned anything from Young Calicoe, it is not to give a tour of your home if there may be some illegal activity going on there.  That is why I am inclined to mention that no one lives in the SkyCraft Airplanes factory.  As for me, I recently stumbled upon $10.3 billion and have been living in the Ritz Carlton’s 462nd floor Penthousel Suite down the street.  I walk to and from work every day, for the environment.  Hit me up if you’re in Orem and need a posh place to stay because I can most certainly provide.

Now that that’s cleared up, check out these pics of SkyCraft Headquarters in Orem, Utah: